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Greek sculpture – ancient Greece

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Greek sculpture: Winged Victory (Nike of Samothrace) - Now in the Louvre, Paris Not very much Greek sculpture has survived for us to see. You might think stone statues made of limestone and marble would last well, but both limestone and marble can be burned and turned into lime, which is one of [...]

Working with Cement – Ancient Rome project

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Or just order this kit from Amazon, which comes with everything all ready! Why not try making something out of cement yourself? Here is the recipe for cement: You'll need a small bag of lime, a bag of sand, and some water. On a piece of plastic, or outside on dirt, mix one [...]

Calcium – Atoms and Chemistry

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Chalk cliff (made of calcium atoms) in Cottonwood Canyon, Pueblo, Colorado What is calcium? When a star is on the way to converting all of its carbon and oxygen atoms into iron, calcium is one kind of atom it makes along the way. More about stars And about atoms All our chemistry articles What's [...]

What is limestone? History of Art

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A block of limestone Starting with seashells Limestone is a kind of sedimentary stone that is very common all over the world. This kind of stone forms out of the shells of zillions of little tiny sea snails and creatures like that. These snails and stuff lived in the sea, billions of years ago. When [...]