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What is Aramaic? An old West Asian language

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Comparing different ancient alphabets As people began to settle down in towns in West Asia, about 4000 BC, they began to speak differently from their neighbors. Some people spoke Hebrew, some spoke Arabic, some spoke Akkadian. The people who lived in Syria spoke Aramaic. After the Dark Age around 1000 BC, these Syrians spread out into Babylon and Assyria, and they brought [...]

Who were the Trojans? – West Asian history

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A reconstruction of what Troy VI might have looked like. For thousands of years, people read Homer's Iliad and learned the story of the Trojan War. But nobody knew if it had really happened, or if there really even was a city of Troy. In the 1800s, a German man named Heinrich Schliemann decided to look for [...]

West Asian economy – the Bronze Age

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Bronze Age tin ingots from a shipwreck near Haifa When people first began to use bronze, about 3000 BC, they had to trade a lot more than they had before, because they needed tin to make the bronze. You don't find tin just anywhere. At first there was some tin in Asia Minor (modern Turkey), but they [...]

West Asian art history – Mesopotamia and Iran

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Building D, Gobekli Tepe. Southern Turkey, about 9000 BC West Asian art goes back to the earliest presence of people in West Asia, in the form of little stone or clay fertility figurines. Around 9000 BC, they were carving stone at the temple of Gobekli Tepe. They didn't carve human figures (we don't know why not). But they [...]

Bronze Age Rome – History of Rome

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A gold cup from northern Italy (ca. 1800 BC) is like Bronze Age gold cups from Germany and England and may show that there was trading going on all across Bronze Age Europe. The people of Italy learned to use bronze from the people of West Asia, perhaps from the Phoenicians (foy-NEE-shans), who traded with them. But bronze was very [...]

Joseph and Egypt – Bible stories

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Joseph dreams and gets put in the well, then talks to Pharaoh (Egypt, 500s AD, cloth) According to the Bible, Isaac was the son of Abraham and Sarah. Isaac married Rebecca. And they had two sons, Jacob and Esau (EE-sow). And Jacob married two women (this was allowed then), Rachel and Leah, who were sisters. Jacob [...]

Stone Age Japan – Japanese history

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Jomon carving of a killer whale, ca. 3000 BC People probably first reached Japan from two directions around the same time. Some people came north from Southeast Asia or Australia, in boats along the coast. These people were descended from the first people who left Africa about 70,000 BC, and they had dark skin. A [...]

Who were the Harappans? History of India

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Harappan Seal Around 4500 BC, some new people from West Asia moved into the Indus Valley and mixed with the Mehrgahr people who were already there. They brought some West Asian foods with them: lentils, and then later chickpeas. They also brought flax, to make linen clothing, and safflowers for their oil. And they brought, or they soon got, [...]

Harappan architecture – India

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Bath building at Mohenjo-Daro, 2500 BC The earliest big buildings in India were built by the Harappan people in the Indus River valley, about 2500 BC. The Harappan buildings included high brick walls around their cities to keep out enemies. Most of the buildings were ordinary houses, with rooms arranged around a small courtyard. Probably some families owned a [...]