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Levers – Simple machines – Physics

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An orangutan child using a stick as a lever A lever is basically just a long stick that you push or pull against a fulcrum - a fixed object - to move something. A lever helps you move something heavy, or make something go fast. The earliest levers developed naturally inside animals' bodies. Whenever [...]

Woodland period Native American history

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Early Anasazi (Pueblo) pottery from about 550-800 AD The third period of North American history, after the Archaic period, is the Woodland period. The Early Woodland period began in the southern and midwestern part of North America about 1200 BC. People like the Pueblo people settled down more in permanent villages and towns. More and more [...]

Paleo-Indians – the first Native Americans

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Pacific coast of North America Archaeologists call the time just after people first came to North America the Paleo-Indian period. During the Paleo-Indian period, all the people in North America were nomads and got their food by hunting and gathering, and especially by fishing. Some of these people stayed in Alaska and Canada. We call them the Athabascans or the Dene. Other [...]

Chinook history – Native Americans

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(University of Washington - cedar root basket) People have lived in the Pacific Northwest since the Paleo-Indian period, about 11,000 BC. They might even have arrived as early as 20,000 BC! Those first people were fishers. They may have been following the coastline, where the mussels and clams were. They also probably gathered lots of plants, berries, nuts [...]

Blackfoot history – Native Americans

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Montana landscape with a moose calf wading People we call Athabascans or Dene lived in Blackfoot territory (modern Montana and Canada) in the Paleo-Indian period, by around 10,000 BC. They lived by hunting and gathering. They hunted mammoth, and gathered eggs and wild plants. By 6000 BC, in the Archaic period, the climate warmed up, so the big animals like mammoth became [...]

History of fishing – fishing nets, shellfish, boats

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People probably began fishing in Africa, very early on in human history. Neanderthals were fishing by about 200,000 BC. Modern humans were gathering shellfish at Blombos Cave in South Africa by about 100,000 BC. The first people who left Africa, about 60,000 years ago, may have been following schools of fish along the African coast, [...]