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Roman wall painting – Ancient Rome

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First Style Roman wall painting (now in the Louvre) Wall painting in ancient Rome There was also a lot of wall painting to decorate the walls of houses during this time. Art historians sometimes divide the wall painting of the first century AD into four different styles. That's because of the many different styles [...]

Wall painting in Ancient Egypt

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Early Egyptian wall painting: A person in a boat (Barramiya, Upper Egypt, ca. 4000 BC) Stone Age rock carvings The earliest art from North Africa is carvings of giraffes and other animals on stones in the Sahara desert starting about 10,000 BC. At about the same time in West Asia, artists were also carving [...]

Painting a fresco – Ancient Egypt project

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Egyptian fresco painting Making your own fresco painting: Start by getting some plaster of Paris at an art store. Then draw out what you're planning on painting on a piece of paper. Mix the plaster powder with water according to the directions on the package, and spread the plaster evenly on a foam [...]

What is fresco painting? History of Art

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Fresco painting from Thera, Greece (about 1600 BC) Fresco is the Italian word for "fresh", and that's because painters do fresco painting on fresh, wet plaster walls. That way the colors really sink in to the plaster, and you get a glowing kind of color that is very different from what you would get [...]