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West Asian people – families, schools, slavery

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West Asian people: Ur-Nanshe, the king's chief musician in Mari, 2400s BC Oppression of women What we notice most about the way people lived in West Asia is the widespread oppression of women. As compared to their neighbors in Sudan, Egypt, Central Asia, the Roman Empire, or even India, West Asian women were [...]

Medieval Islamic clothing

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It was hot in the Islamic Empire. So people mostly dressed to protect themselves from the sun. The best way to keep from getting sunburns was to keep your skin covered with cloth as much as possible. At the same time, people also believed that God wanted them to cover up. They thought this especially about women, so that men [...]

Ancient Greek clothing – what people wore in ancient Greece

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Ancient Greek clothing: a Greek baby in a diaper, from Hellenistic Egypt Like Egyptian or Mesopotamian babies, Greek babies often wore nothing at all, but sometimes, as in this picture, they wore cloth diapers. If it was cold, of course, they would be more wrapped up. Children also often wore only cloth wrapped [...]

Hellenistic Greek sculpture

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Hellenistic sculpture: Hermes At the end of the 400s BC, Greece, and especially Athens, was devastated by a terrible war which involved nearly all the Greek city-states, the Peloponnesian War. The end of the war left the Greeks too poor for much sculpture, but when people did begin creating new sculpture again it [...]

Russian clothing history – Central Asian clothing

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The Svyatoslav Family (Kiev, ca. 1000 AD) At the western end of Central Asia , Russian people, who were mostly farmers and not herdsmen in the Middle Ages, dressed more like their Byzantine neighbors to the south than like the Mongols. But it's cold enough in Russia that even very poor people had to own leggings [...]