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Who was Xuanzang? A Buddhist scholar of medieval China

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Travels of the Buddhist traveller Xuanzang (T'ang Dynasty, 630 AD) Xuanzang was a great Chinese scholar who lived in the 600s AD, under the T'ang dynasty. He was a Buddhist, and he wanted to see India, where the Buddha had lived. So he traveled from the Chinese capital at Changan to India and [...]

End of T’ang Dynasty China – Uighurs and Buddhists

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Emperor Wuzong Hsuan Tsung's son, the T'ang Emperor Suzong, asked a neighboring power, the Uighur Empire, to help him crush An Lu-shan's rebellion, and by 757 AD, thanks to the Uighur army, Suzong was able to get An Lu-shan assassinated. Still there was more civil war until 763 AD. These wars wrecked China [...]

Empress Wu – T’ang Dynasty China – History

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Empress Wu of the T'ang Dynasty Who was Wu Chao? Wu Chao was one of T'ai Tsung's girlfriends. After he died, she became his son's girlfriend too! The son's name was Gaozong. Find out more about T'ai Tsung Wu Chao becomes Empress Wu Once she got Gaozong to really love her, Wu Chao [...]

Tang Dynasty China – Medieval China

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T'ang Dynasty emperor T'ai Tsung, 626 AD Yangdi, the last ruler of the Sui Dynasty, was killed in 618 AD by his generals. The generals blamed him for the disastrous defeat of the Chinese army in Korea. One of the generals, Li Shih-min, took over ruling the empire, putting his father, Li Yuan, [...]

Tang Dynasty Chinese Pottery – Medieval China

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T'ang Dynasty cup (Musee Guimet, Paris) Who invented porcelain? About 700 AD in China, plain white porcelain pottery first begins to appear, like these cups and these bowls. What is porcelain? Porcelain is a special kind of pottery. Chinese potters working under the T'ang Dynasty discovered that if you used a special kind [...]

Tang Dynasty Chinese Art – Medieval China

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T'ang dynasty dancing women - Musee Guimet, Paris Sculpture, which had really begun to develop during the Sui Dynasty, reached its height under the T'ang Dynasty. Sculptors emphasized graceful lines and sharp, clear forms, and good proportions (the head the right size for the body, the legs and arms the right length). [...]