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Scythian art history – Central Asian art

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Scythian deer from about 700-500 B.C. It is made out of gold, and it's now in St. Petersburg. The Scythians were horse-riding nomads, who traveled around the western part of Central Asia taking care of their big herds of cattle and hunting wild animals like this deer. Scythian art was mostly small, so people could carry it around conveniently. For [...]

Khans and Czars in Central Asia – Government

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Scythian comb,about 400 BC (Metropolitan Museum, New York) Most early Central Asian people were Indo-European, or Yamnaya. The biggest group may have been the Scythians. Until about 500 BC, the Scythians lived in large tribes or clans ruled by chiefs. Like the Egyptians and the West Asians, the Scythians buried their chiefs under big mounds [...]

Scythian clothing – Central Asian clothing history

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Plaid wool fabric from about 1000 BC, western China Central Asia is pretty far north, so it's pretty cold there. Clothes were really important to keep you from freezing to death. A lot of clothing inventions got started in Central Asia. The world's oldest bone and ivory needles (if they really are needles) [...]