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Who were the Philistines? West Asian history

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Philistines on the Egyptian temple of Medinet Habu At the end of the Late Bronze Age, around 1200 BC, there were bad times all over the Mediterranean and West Asia. The Egyptian New Kingdom collapsed, and so did the Hittite Empire. We don't exactly know why. It may have been a change in the climate, which caused a drought and [...]

Samson and Delilah – Bible stories

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Samson (or David?) wrestles the lion. Silk tapestry, probably from Syria, in the 600s AD Just as the Jews were finally getting rid of the Canaanites, around 1100 BC, a new enemy came to Israel. These were the Philistines (FILL-uh-steens). Nobody knows for sure who the Philistines were or where they came from. But they seem to [...]

Nemean Lion – Labors of Herakles

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Herakles fighting the Nemean Lion - Athenian black-figure vase, 500s BC For the first of his labors, Herakles had to go out and kill a great lion that lived in Nemea (Greece). He strangled the lion with his hands and hit it with his club. Then he skinned it. After that Herakles always [...]

Herakles and Busiris – Labors of Herakles

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Hercules kills the Egyptians (Athens, 400s BC) In this story, Herakles traveled to Egypt, where he met the king of Egypt, the Pharaoh Busiris. Busiris was a bad king. He captured Herakles, because Herakles was a stranger there, and tried to sacrifice Herakles to the Egyptian gods. This was wrong because it went against xenia. But just as they were [...]