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Who was Demosthenes? ancient Greece

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Demosthenes Life of Demosthenes Demosthenes was born in Athens about 385 BC, in the Hellenistic period. He was an Athenian citizen from a rich family (though not a VERY rich family like Plato) and so he got a good education. Demosthenes' parents died when he was only seven years old, and his guardians [...]

Hellenistic Greece – Greek history

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Hellenistic Greece: Alexander fights Darius at Issus (mosaic from Pompeii) Socrates and Plato After the Peloponnesian War was over, all the cities of Greece were worn out and poor. Many men went and fought for the Persians for money. But others tried to rebuild the cities. This was the time of Socrates and [...]

Who was Alexander the Great? (Alexander of Macedon)

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Alexander the Great Where was Macedon? When Alexander, the oldest son of Philip, King of Macedon, was born in 356 BC, the greatest empire in the world was the Persian Empire. The great Persian conqueror Cyrus had conquered lots of smaller countries to put together the Persian Empire more than a hundred years [...]

The end of Sparta – Ancient Greece

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The end of Sparta: a Spartan hoplite soldier Peloponnesian War In 441 BC, the Spartans decided that the Athenians were pushing everybody around too much, and they got an alliance of other city-states together (mainly Corinth) and attacked Athens to break up Athenian power. This is known as the Peloponnesian War, because Sparta [...]

Hellenistic and Roman government in Greece

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Hellenistic government: Philip of Macedon In the 300s BC, Philip of Macedon conquered Greece. He ruled all of Greece as the king. (In theory Philip was only leading a league of Greek city-states, the first among equals. But really he acted like a king). Athens and other Greek city-states still kept their local democracies or oligarchies for local [...]

Corinth, Greece in the Classical period – a rich city-state in ancient Greece

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Corinth, Greece: Corinthian aryballos (perfume jar) in the shape of an owl (now in the Louvre, Paris) Corinth, Greece: A Greek city-state sells perfume and pottery In the 800s and 700s BC, Corinth was very wealthy from trade and from selling their perfume in little fancy pottery jars. Corinthian traders also  sold the [...]

Hellenistic Athens – Athens and Alexander the Great

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Veiled dancer (now in the Metropolitan Museum) Athenian democracy was badly shaken by the Peloponnesian War, which started in 441 BC. As the Athenians began to lose the war to the Spartans, some people, including men like Socrates and Plato, thought they should abandon the democracy and go back to an oligarchy. Alcibiades, [...]