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People in ancient China: Women, families, slaves, school

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People in ancient China: Rich men hunt, but other people work in the fields (Han Dynasty, about 100 AD) Differences between people in ancient China People in ancient China always put a lot of emphasis on everybody acting the right way for their position in life. People thought poor people should act different from [...]

Central Asian People – Women, clans, families, slavery

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Khitan woman, ca. 1000 AD (Musee Guimet, Paris) From prehistory right through the Middle Ages, most Central Asian people's most important attachments were to their family and their clan or tribe. Men, women, boys and girls wore clothes that identified which clan and which family they belonged to. Kids learned the stories of their [...]

Early African History: fire, farming, Egypt, and the Bantu

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Early African history: Pyramids at Giza, Egypt The first modern humans About three and a half million years ago, primates like chimpanzees in Africa started to come down out of the trees and evolve into modern people, walking upright and maybe swimming. More about chimpanzees Early primates/humans When did people learn to swim? All our [...]