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The Clerk’s Tale – Chaucer – Canterbury Tales

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Clerks in the Manessa Codex (1300 AD) Chaucer's Clerk's Tale is actually taken from one of Boccaccio's stories, and because of that the story's action happens in Italy. It shows the young monk's ideas about how women ought to behave. It's about Griselda, a poor woman who marries a rich man. Her husband, Walter, wants to make sure Griselda [...]

Pandora’s Box story – Greek mythology

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Pandora's Box story in  Greek mythology: The Greek god Hephaistos creates Pandora Greek mythology tells the story of Pandora's Box: When Zeus was so angry at Prometheus for giving people fire, he was also mad at the people who had tricked him into taking the wrong bag of meat. How did people trick Zeus? Greek myths made easy [...]

Who was Hesiod? The Theogony and Works and Days

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Who was Hesiod? In Works and Days, Hephaistos creates Pandora Who was Hesiod? An early Greek writer People in ancient Greece learned about the new alphabet way of writing about 750 BC. Right away they used writing to write down the stories and poems that they knew. Homer used the alphabet to write the Iliad [...]