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Slavery in ancient Rome

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A Roman shepherd, probably a slave (Istanbul, 500s AD) Many Roman people were owned by other people, or by the Roman government, as slaves. Because the Romans didn't really have hourly wage work, or salaried work, as we do now, men and women who didn't own their own land and didn't own businesses of their own were often enslaved. [...]

The Apache get horses – American history

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Apache rock painting, ca. 1800 AD Like their Navajo cousins, the Apache people were Athabascan. They moved south into the south-west part of North America from their home in Canada about 1400 AD. So when the Spanish invaders came in the 1500s, the Apache hadn't been in the Southwest very long. Apache women on horseback In [...]

History of Coal – Central Asian science

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Lumps of coal Most of the coal on Earth formed during the Carboniferous Era about 350 million years ago, when giant ferns growing in wetlands were flooded and buried under a blanket of mud before they could rot. The mud squashed the dead ferns together. As the ferns decayed, they gave off heat. [...]