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Who was Archilochus? A Greek poet

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Archilochus: a bronze statuette of a Spartan man in armor, from about 500 BC Archilochus was a poet who wrote in the 600s BC. He was from Ionia, the Greek colonies along the coast of modern Turkey. Unlike the earlier poets Homer and Hesiod, who wrote long, serious poems, Archilochus is often very [...]

What was the Ionian revolt?

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Theater of Miletus Cyrus the Great In 539 BC, Cyrus the Great made himself the King of Kings. He ruled all of West Asia. Along the coast of Anatolia (modern Turkey), Cyrus conquered the Lydians. Then he conquered the Greek cities that had been dependent on Lydia (LIH-dee-uh). The people who lived in [...]

Dark Age Greece – History of Greece

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Submycenaean octopus jar Dark Age isolation and poverty After most of the Mycenean palaces were destroyed around 1200 BC, nobody rebuilt them. The only palace we know of which was not destroyed was the one at Athens. But even Athens seems to have had a hard time for the next several hundred years. [...]