Ibn Rushd

25 08, 2017

What is a theologian? History of religion

By |2018-04-08T01:10:59-07:00August 25th, 2017|Religion, West Asia|Comments Off on What is a theologian? History of religion

Pope Gregory the Great writing, from the 900s AD. Ivory, probably from Kenya. (Now in Vienna Kunsthistorisches Museum) A theologian (thee-oh-LOW-gin) is a person who studies religion. The word comes from [...]

4 08, 2017

Thomas Aquinas – Medieval philosophy

By |2019-10-22T07:31:08-07:00August 4th, 2017|Medieval, Philosophy|Comments Off on Thomas Aquinas – Medieval philosophy

A book in Thomas Aquinas' handwriting For many years before Thomas Aquinas was born, men like Ibn Sina and Ibn Rushd in the Abbasid Empire had been reading the Quran, and reading Aristotle, and trying to find ways to [...]

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