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African-American slavery – American history

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Slave fort in Ghana Although other people, both white and Native American, have been held as slaves in North America, the experience of the African people who were forced to come to North America as slaves was more unusual, because more than half of the people living in slave states were slaves. Most of the people who became [...]

Germany in the 1800s – Bismarck

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Map of Europe after the Congress of Vienna (thanks to Wikipedia) An alliance of European armies finally defeated Napoleon in 1814. Then all the European countries held meetings known as the Congress of Vienna. They wanted to figure out the best way to stop anyone from conquering them again. They were trying to keep peace all [...]

Chocolate and Africa

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A white man beating an enslaved African man in Brazil As more and more people wanted chocolate, farmers had to grow more and more cocoa beans. By 1677, Spanish land-owners were buying West African people to farm cocoa beans as slaves, first in Brazil, and then in Venezuela. Gradually during the 1600s Europeans [...]