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15 07, 2017

Achilles debate – Greek literature activity

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Achilles debate: this is Achilles, on a Greek black-figure vase from around 530 BC Would Achilles choose life? Achilles, the hero of Homer's Iliad, learned that he had a choice. He could choose to live a long, healthy life ruling his small kingdom, with his children and grandchildren around him, and then die and be [...]

10 07, 2017

Melos and Athens – Thucydides

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The Pnyx, where the Athenian Assembly met In 416 BC, Athens and Sparta were right in the middle of the Peloponnesian War. As part of that war, the Athenians got in an argument with the island of Melos. It ended in disaster. Melos was an island in the Aegean Sea, between Greece and the Persian [...]

9 06, 2017

Chinese foot-binding and braces – a project

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A Chinese shoe for a woman with bound feet - Chinese foot-binding Chinese foot-binding When we think about Chinese clothing, it strikes us as really weird that women bound little girls' feet so they couldn't grow, and made them grow up with little tiny broken feet that they could hardly walk on. More [...]

8 06, 2017

Were the Mongols good or bad?

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The Mongols besiege a city in West Asia Sometimes we see Genghis Khan and the Mongol Empire and they're really bad - they attack defenseless cities and kill thousands of people and make piles of their skulls. They destroyed the whole irrigation system of Central Asia and left it a desert. The [...]