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What games did people play in ancient India?

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A die found in excavations at a Harappan period site. Note that the six is not opposite the one. People brought the idea of throwing the knucklebones of sheep or pigs to tell the future, or to play a game of skill like jacks, when they first came from Africa to India about 40,000 BC. But people in India may have been [...]

When were dice invented? History of dice

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Early dice from ancient Egypt People have been playing dice games for a very long time. The very first dice were just sheep knucklebones, and you won if it landed on the right one of the four flat sides. People have been throwing knucklebones since at least 5000 BC, in ancient Sumer. Then [...]

Who invented money? History of money

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History of money: A Lydian gold coin What is money? Money is an agreement between people. It is an agreement that this much of something will be worth this much bread, and this much cheese, and this many slaves. But it's convenient to be able to move money around between people, so even in [...]

Ancient China’s Economy – Ancient China Trade and Early Farming

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Ancient China trade: Rice paddy with a Chinese man planting rice Farming in Ancient China In China, as in West Asia, India, or Africa, most people have spent most of their time farming for the last ten thousand years. Probably eight or nine out of every ten people who lived in ancient China [...]

Medieval African Economy

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Medieval African economy: A salt caravan across the Sahara Desert West African caravan trade The African economy had always involved international trade. But trade became even more important in the Middle Ages. Starting around 1000 AD, West African traders also sold gold. Traders with camels carried the gold across the Sahara from West Africa [...]