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What was the religion of ancient China?

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Ancient China religion: Han dynasty animal sacrifice (ca. 200 BC-200 AD) China's ancestor worship In the Shang Dynasty (about 2000 BC), the earliest period we know much about, people in China worshipped a lot of different gods - weather gods and sky gods, and also a higher god who ruled over the other gods, [...]

Medieval Chinese religion – Buddhism comes to China

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The boddhisatva Avalokitesvara, with a thousand arms and a thousand eyes, about 950 AD (Musee Guimet, Paris) Under the Han Dynasty (about 200 BC to 200 AD), scholars working for the emperors tried to find a way to combine Taoism and Confucianism. They believed that the emperors should follow the Tao, or the [...]

Chinese Philosophy – Taoism and Confucianism

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"Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism are one" (Song Dynasty, ca. 1100 AD) The first major philosopher who lived in China was Lao Tzu (if he really existed). He lived about 600 BC, under the Eastern Zhou dynasty. Lao Tzu founded the philosophy of Taoism. Taoism said that people should try to live in harmony with [...]

Confucius’ Philosophy – Chinese Philosophy

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What was Confucius' philosophy? Confucius' philosophy Confucius was a philosopher in ancient China, about 500 BC. That was about the same time as Buddhism was getting going in India and a little before Socrates in Greece. It was after Lao Tzu developed Taoism. Taoism in ancient China Buddhism in India Greek philosophy Confucius' [...]

Confucius Biography – the Chinese philosopher

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Confucius life: Later portrait of Confucius, from the provincial museum of Shandong, China Confucius' childhood The philosopher Confucius' main interest was to figure out ways for the government to do a better job of taking care of the people. He lived in China during the 500s BC, under the Eastern Zhou dynasty. Confucius' [...]

Ancient China – Education – History of Schools

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Ancient China education - a Chinese school (actually from the 1500s AD) Most kids in ancient and medieval China never got a chance to go to school at all. They had to work hard in the fields, planting rice or millet and weeding the vegetables. They fed the chickens, or took care of their little [...]

Han Dynasty China History – Western Han China

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Han Dynasty dancer (a clay figurine). Her long sleeves are part of the dance, and also show that she doesn't have to do any practical work. Gaozu starts the Han Dynasty When Gaozu (who was also called Liu Pang) started the Han Dynasty in 202 BC, he didn't really change that much from the [...]

Song Dynasty Chinese Art – Medieval China

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Fan Kuan, "Traveling amid Streams and Mountains" (National Palace Museum, Taipei) Landscape painting got even better under the Song Dynasty than it had been under the T'ang Dynasty that came before. Artists emphasized the simple lines of the mountains, rivers, and trees, trying to create a feeling with the fewest possible lines. Most [...]

Ancient Chinese Art – Early China – History of Art

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Ancient Chinese art: Song Dynasty painting General themes of ancient Chinese art From the earliest Stone Age art to the Ming Dynasty in 1500 AD, Chinese artists took up the same themes over and over again. They were interested in swirling lines. They were interested in nature: animals, trees, flowers, rocks, water. Chinese [...]