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What is sodium? Atoms, elements, chemistry

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Diagram of a sodium atom Sodium is an atom that has 11 protons and 12 neutrons in its nucleus and 11 electrons circling around its nucleus. Like other light atoms such as carbon, sodium forms inside of stars that are beginning to run out of fuel, and it scatters all over space when [...]

Chlorine project – Bread and bleach – Chemistry

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Swimming pool To find out what chlorine smells like, just go to the swimming pool. The funny smell of swimming pools is the smell of chlorine. (Actually, the chlorine doesn't smell very much! Most of the smell is from a chemical reaction between chlorine and people's sweat or pee - that's why it's so [...]

What is chlorine? – Atoms – Chemistry

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Diagram of a chlorine atom What is a chlorine atom? Chlorine is an atom that has 17 protons and usually either 18 or 20 neutrons in its nucleus and 17 electrons circling around its nucleus. What is an atom? Projects with chlorine All our chemistry articles Where does chlorine come from? Chlorine atoms, like [...]