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Ships and sailing in ancient Africa – early boats

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A person in a boat (Barramiya, Upper Egypt, ca. 4000 BC) African sailing has a long history. People were probably using boats before the first people left Africa. At Blombos Cave in South Africa, people were fishing about 70,000 BC, and by the time people got to Southeast Asia about 40,000 BC they certainly had [...]

Who were the Mapuche? South American history

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Chango whale hunt, El Madano, ca. 1000 AD There were probably people living in Chile (a narrow strip of land in South America between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean) by around 12,000 BC. They came south with their dogs along the coast of South America, either walking or in small boats. Like most other people in South [...]

What is a pontoon bridge? History of science

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A pontoon bridge from the Column of Marcus Aurelius, in Rome A pontoon bridge is a temporary bridge that you make by lining up a lot of boats crossways across the river, and then putting wooden planks over the boats to make a bridge. You can see one in the picture. It's a fast way [...]

Roman sailing – boats in the Roman empire

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Roman sailing ship with square sails (100s AD, Bardo Museum, Tunisia) Until the First Punic War, in 264 BC, the Romans had not been sailors, and had never had a navy. But when they had to fight the Carthaginians, who were descended from the Phoenicians and were great sailors, the Romans learned to build ships by copying a [...]

Ancient Rome – geography and climate

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Rome geography: Tiber island Tiber river and trade The city of Rome itself has tremendous environmental advantages, which made it easier for Rome to become an important city. Rome is located at the first place that people can easily cross the Tiber river, so it is the natural location of the main north-south road [...]

Traditional Native American origin stories

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Rocky Mountains Some Native people don't agree that their ancestors came originally from East Asia. These Native American people believe that their ancestors were always in North or South and Central America. There's no really definite evidence either way, yet. Many archaeologists and historians think that Native American people came from East Asia. They say that mainly [...]

The First Native Americans

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A glacier The history of North America up to 1500 AD is a story of a continent that started out empty and gradually got more and more crowded. Probably the first people to come to North America came from East Asia, about 20,000 BC, and then small groups of people kept crossing from time to time. DNA [...]

Cargo ships in ancient Greece

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Reconstruction of the Antikythera trading ship Many Greek men were traders, who sold things from one place to people who lived some place else. Greek traders sailed all around the Mediterranean Sea, from Spain to Phoenicia and from Carthage to  Egypt and Italy, and to Greece of course. These traders travelled in cargo ships. Cargo ships could [...]

Ancient Greek ships and boats – Sailing in ancient Greece

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Greek ships: A sailing ship with rowers at the oars Early Greek sailing Because Greece was so mountainous, and every place in Greece was so close to the sea, a lot of people in Greece used boats to get from one place to another, even starting as early as the Stone Age, when people sailed to [...]

Paleolithic Greece – the first people

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Outside Franchthi Cave The first people came to Greece not long after leaving Africa, about 55,000 BC. They probably came along the coast of the Eastern Mediterranean, through what is now Israel and Lebanon. They almost certainly knew how to paddle small boats along the coast. When they got to Greece, these people [...]