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Early environment of northern Europe

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Black Forest in Northern Europe When people first arrived in northern Europe and Scandinavia, following the Danube inland from Central Asia, they found an environment that must have already been familiar to them: a lot of forests, cold weather, and clouds. In the winter it snows, and in the fall and spring it [...]

History of pigs, pork, and bacon

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History of pigs: A wild boar Where do pigs come from? The first pigs evolved in Southeast Asia from earlier, smaller mammals, about two million years ago, and spread out from there all over Eurasia and Africa. Wild pigs live in forests, especially where there are oak trees that make acorns, because pigs [...]

Make your own bacon – A history project

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You can easily make your own bacon at home, and it will be much better than store bacon (but not cheaper). Go to the butcher at the grocery store and ask for a pound of pork belly; if you can't get pork belly buy what they call "country boneless ribs", which is actually pork shoulder [...]