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History of Vietnam

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Early Vietnam The first people, with their dogs and baskets, probably reached Vietnam around 45,000 BC, coming along the coast from Africa to India and then Southeast Asia. These first settlers lived mostly by fishing, probably from small boats. And they collected seaweed, mussels, clams and shrimp along the shore. Their central location, with great access [...]

American revolutionary war – American history

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English soldiers search a settler's house (1770s) In 1763 AD England won the French and Indian War against France (which had been fought mainly in North America), and so the English-speaking settlers on the East Coast could stop worrying that they were about to be taken over by France. To pay for that war, the English government began to [...]

Louisiana Purchase – American history

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What Europeans were claiming In 1800 AD, Native Americans still controlled most of North America. But Spain, France, Britain and the United States were busy fighting over who got to conquer it. Spain was trying to conquer the land along the West Coast and the Southwest, and Florida. But most of that land was still independent under the Californians, the Navajo, the Pueblo, the Apache, the Ute, [...]

The United States expands – American history

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What Europeans were claiming In 1803, the French emperor Napoleon needed money to rebuild France's army after the French Revolution. So he agreed to sell France's land in North America to the newly formed United States. We call this the Louisiana Purchase, but the French sold much more than just the modern state of Louisiana. The land they [...]

Comanche history – Native Americans

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Comanche women (1800s) Pueblo people captured Spanish horses in the Pueblo Revolt of 1680 AD, and they sold some of those horses to the Shoshone, in what is now Wyoming. The Shoshone who had horses split off from the other Shoshone. They called themselves the Nermernuh, but their Ute neighbors called them the Comanche. The Comanche really took [...]

Civil War Battles – American History

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Jefferson Davis The white men of the Confederacy elected their own president, Jefferson Davis (but the enslaved African-Americans were still not allowed to vote, and neither were women or anyone who didn't own any land). Lincoln decided to use the United States army to recapture the South and force them to be part of the United States. The [...]

United States Civil War – American History

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Men and women and kids working as slaves in Alabama (1861) In the 1850s AD, cotton-growing was getting more and more important. And white people in the southern part of the United States were getting more and more angry with rich people who lived in the North. One reason was that these northern rich people were [...]

Cherokee Trail of Tears – American history

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Hernando De Soto In 1540 AD Cherokee people met European men for the first time. A Spanish man named Hernando De Soto was exploring the East Coast of North America with a group of Spanish soldiers. Soon he arrived at Cherokee towns. Cherokee leaders welcomed the foreigners diplomatically, even though they must have known that De Soto and [...]

Californians fight the Missions

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Ohlone people crossing San Francisco Bay, with a European wool blanket (Louis Choris, 1816 AD) In 1500 AD, California was a popular place to live. About one out of every three people living in what would become the United States lived in California. Then, in 1530, the first Spanish explorers under the Holy Roman [...]