Third Punic War

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Roman North Africa – Carthage to Augustine

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Roman North Africa: This is the amphitheater in ancient Carthage where Romans killed Christians during the Decian persecution. Carthage controls the Mediterranean By the 300s BC, the North African port of Carthage was actively engaged in policing the whole Mediterranean. Carthage made treaties, for instance, with the Etruscans in Italy, to protect the Etruscans from [...]

Third Punic War – Carthage and Rome

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The ruins of Punic Carthage After the Second Punic War, in 202 BC, Italy was a wreck. Hannibal's army had been marching up and down Italy wrecking things for more than ten years. All of the men had been away fighting in the war, and a lot of them had been killed, and others had decided to [...]