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Late Bronze Age timeline: 2000 – 1000 BC

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Earliest known spoked wheels, from a grave in western Siberia When about 2000 BC the Central Asians invented better wheels with spokes, so you could fight from your chariot, a new wave of Indo-Europeans moved from Central Asia west to Greece, and Italy, or south into Egypt and Iran, and from Iran about 1500 BC to India. Some of [...]

Wheel and axle – Simple machines – Physics

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An Egyptian potter uses a pottery wheel, about 2000 BC Wheels do not exist in nature, and no animals use them except people. Even people didn't use wheels until the early Bronze Age, around 3500 BC, much later than the other simple machines (the lever and the inclined plane). Who invented the wheel? The earliest evidence for people [...]

Shang Dynasty China – The first dynasty of ancient China

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Shang Dynasty China: Late Shang bronze pitcher from Henan, about 1100 BC, with inscription (Musee Guimet, Paris) China enters the Bronze Age Around 2000 BC, people in China learned how to make bronze out of tin and copper, so we call this the Bronze Age. About the same time, people in China also [...]

Sewing, wheels, and steel – Central Asian science

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A clay pot with a drawing of a wheeled cart from what is now Poland, about 3500 BC Many of the world's most useful inventions come from Central Asia: sewing, leather, cart wheels and spinning wheels, burning coal. And then also the compound and recurve bows, saddles and stirrups, and high quality steel. [...]