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Mexico and colonization – Central American history

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Tenochtitlan under attack (painted in the 1600s) In 1500 AD, the Aztec  controlled most of what is now Mexico. People also called them the Mexica. In 1519, the Aztec ruler, Moctezuma the Younger, was surprised to hear that white men on ships had shown up out of nowhere. Moctezuma invited the strangers to his capital city, [...]

The Navajo get sheep – American history

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Navajo with sheep Navajo people moved south into the south-west part of North America from their home in Canada about 1400 AD. So when the Spanish invaders came in the 1500s, the Navajo (Dine is what they call themselves) were themselves pretty new to the area. When the Navajo arrived, they had been nomads, who lived [...]

Louisiana Purchase – American history

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What Europeans were claiming In 1800 AD, Native Americans still controlled most of North America. But Spain, France, Britain and the United States were busy fighting over who got to conquer it. Spain was trying to conquer the land along the West Coast and the Southwest, and Florida. But most of that land was still independent under the Californians, the Navajo, the Pueblo, the Apache, the Ute, [...]

Californians fight the Missions

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Ohlone people crossing San Francisco Bay, with a European wool blanket (Louis Choris, 1816 AD) In 1500 AD, California was a popular place to live. About one out of every three people living in what would become the United States lived in California. Then, in 1530, the first Spanish explorers under the Holy Roman [...]

The Apache get horses – American history

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Apache rock painting, ca. 1800 AD Like their Navajo cousins, the Apache people were Athabascan. They moved south into the south-west part of North America from their home in Canada about 1400 AD. So when the Spanish invaders came in the 1500s, the Apache hadn't been in the Southwest very long. Apache women on horseback In [...]

Who were the Mughals? The Mughal Empire – History of India

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Mughal Empire - Babur, first Mughal ruler Timur's descendants: the Mughal Empire Timur's empire collapsed when he died in 1405 AD. Then the Mongols lost control of India for a while. Local Muslim leaders formed small states in northern India. But a generation later, Mongol leaders invaded India again and forced the Indians into a new empire, the Mughal Empire. [...]

Native Americans get horses and donkeys

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A Cheyenne man named Yellow Horse captures a herd of mules (Cheyenne drawing, about 1870). There had been no horses in North America since about 5600 BC, when buffalos ate their grass and then Native Americans (probably) hunted them (and camels) to extinction. But just after 1500 AD, horses returned when Spanish explorers brought [...]