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History of Vietnam

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Early Vietnam The first people, with their dogs and baskets, probably reached Vietnam around 45,000 BC, coming along the coast from Africa to India and then Southeast Asia. These first settlers lived mostly by fishing, probably from small boats. And they collected seaweed, mussels, clams and shrimp along the shore. Their central location, with great access [...]

How to separate eggs – Food history project

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Cracked egg: see the yolk and the white? For a lot of more advanced cooking, you need to be able to separate eggs. You separate eggs by separating the yellow yolk part from the transparent "white" part. (The white is the part that would turn white if you cooked the egg). You need [...]

History of Bananas – Southeast Asia

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A bunch of bananas Wild ancestors of banana trees grew in southeast Asia. Like chickens, bananas were first domesticated in southeast Asia, possibly as early as 8000 BC but certainly before 5000 BC. That's about the same time as apples and earlier than peaches and avocados and oranges. In southeast Asia and Papua New [...]

History of pigs, pork, and bacon

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A wild boar The first pigs evolved in Southeast Asia from earlier, smaller mammals, about two million years ago, and spread out from there all over Eurasia and Africa. Wild pigs live in forests, especially where there are oak trees that make acorns, because pigs like to eat acorns. People first met pigs [...]

Chicken history – Where are chickens from? India and China

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Chicken history: Clay hen whistle from Mohenjo Daro (ca. 2700 BC, now in Brooklyn Museum) Where are chickens from? Long ago, lots of wild chickens lived in India and East Asia (China, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam). That's where people first domesticated (tamed) chickens, maybe around 7000 BC. Recent genetic evidence shows that people [...]