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Who was Enheduanna? Akkadian literature

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Enheduanna wrote this poem - this is a later copy of it, in cuneiform on a clay tablet Was Enheduanna her name? Nobody knows Enheduanna's real name, if she had one. "Enheduanna" means "High Priestess, Ornament of the god An", but that's what people called her. Enheduanna's father was King Sargon of Akkad, and her [...]

Assyrians – Mesopotamia – West Asian history

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Assyrian history: the head of an Akkadian king (maybe Sargon, who invaded Assur) Where did the Assyrians live? We first hear of the Assyrians around 2300 BC. That's when Sargon of Akkad invaded their small kingdom, Assur, in what is now Syria. (Syria is named for the Assyrians.) More on the Akkadians The Bronze Age All our [...]

Akkadians – Mesopotamia – West Asian history

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Head of Akkadian king (maybe Sargon) Sargon of Akkad Sargon of Akkad gradually conquered the area between the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers around 2300 BC. Who did Sargon conquer? More about Mesopotamia The Akkadians spoke a Semitic language, like the Amorites. Sargon, according to Sumerian literature, was born to an Akkadian high priestess and a poor father, maybe a [...]

Akkadian art – Bronze Age Mesopotamia

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Head of Akkadian king (maybe Sargon) When the Akkadians, from northern Iraq, conquered southern Iraq about 2400 BC, they unified all of Iraq - Mesopotamia, the land between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers - into one empire for the first time. In some ways, Akkadian art was the same as the Sumerian art that went before it. [...]

What is Bronze? – History of Art

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What is bronze? this is the bronze head of an Akkadian king (ca. 2300 BC) What is bronze? Copper and tin Bronze smiths make bronze by melting two different metals and mixing them. The two metals are copper and tin. Copper, by itself, is too soft to make tools of. (Have you ever [...]