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Later Qin Dynasty – Ancient China History

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Tomb of Qin, the first emperor of China Not everyone liked Qin though. In order to stay in power, Qin was often cruel to his subjects. He always suspected everyone of wanting to revolt. Qin was especially afraid of the scholars who knew philosophy and wrote books. He thought they wanted to break [...]

Great Wall of China – Qin Dynasty China

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Chinese emperor's chariot and horses in a model The Qin (or Ch'in) Dynasty is the one which gave its name to China. The first Qin emperor, in 221 BC, was Qin Shih Huang Ti. He started out as the king of a smaller state - possibly Central Asian? maybe Sogdian or Scythian? - [...]

Qin Dynasty Chinese Art – Early China

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Terracotta warriors The Qin Dynasty didn't last very long (only 15 years) and so there wasn't time to develop any special style of art. Mostly even experts can't tell Qin Dynasty art from the Han Dynasty art that came next. But archaeologists have excavated the tomb of one of the Qin Dynasty emperors, [...]

Qin Dynasty Architecture – Ancient China

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Great Wall of China The emperors of the very short Qin Dynasty, about 200 BC, united China under their rule. To show how powerful they were, the Qin emperors ordered many roads and irrigation canals all over their empire. To keep China safe from invasions from Central Asia, the Qin emperors also built [...]