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Women in ancient Rome – gender and power

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Roman woman, about 50 AD. The sculptor has made her look silly on purpose to make fun of old women Roman women lived under many restrictions that did not apply to Roman men. Roman women knew that men were treating them unfairly, and they did not like living under special rules. We can [...]

What is a rabbi? Judaism – Religion

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The rabbi Maimonides, in a later medieval painting Rabbi means "great one" in Hebrew, or "respected one". It's a Hebrew word related to the Arabic word rabb, meaning "lord." Saying "Rabbi" showed respect, like calling someone "Sir". In early Jewish history, there were no rabbis. There were only priests in the temple who organized [...]

Who were the Nestorians? History of Christianity

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A Nestorian cross on a tombstone from Kazakhstan (1300s AD) In 428 AD, when Pulcheria and Eudocia were running the Roman Empire, a bishop named Nestorius became the Patriarch of Constantinople. That's like being the Pope but for people in the Eastern Empire. Nestorius didn't like the idea that Jesus was both a man and a god at the same time. Nestorius thought [...]

What is a regent? Kings and Queens

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Empress Wu of the T'ang Dynasty A regent is someone who rules for somebody else. Usually it is an uncle or mother who rules for a child. Maybe the child is too young to be king. Or maybe they're ruling for a mentally disabled king. The regent rules only until the child is old [...]

Arcadius to Justin – Byzantine History

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The Roman emperor Arcadius After the death of Theodosius in 395 AD, the empire fell to his sons, the west to Honorius and the east to Arcadius. Arcadius left all the work to his adviser Ricimer, who seems to have been the one to make the fateful decision that he could not successfully defend the western part of [...]