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10 09, 2017

Science in Central America and South America

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A rubber ball made by the Olmec people (about 1000 BC) Invention of rubber With different natural resources available to them, the people of South America and Central America invented different things than the people of Europe, Asia, or Africa did. Early African science South America articles Central America articles One early invention was rubber. The Olmec people invented rubber (in fact the [...]

5 09, 2017

History of fans

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Tutankhamon's ostrich feather fan (Egypt, ca. 1300 BC) When did people start to use fans? Chimpanzees use a stick with leaves on it, or just a big leaf, to chase away flies. They can't cool themselves by creating a breeze, because their hair insulates them. Primates and humans Flies and mosquitoes History of clothing But the earliest people who [...]

27 07, 2017

Parchment and the history of books

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Pseudo-Apuleius, Herbarium (about 600 AD, now in Leiden) Papyrus came first Scribes carved the first writing on wet clay tablets, but soon after that, about 3000 BC, the Egyptians invented papyrus. By about 500 BC most people in West Asia and the Mediterranean used papyrus for writing. What is papyrus? Making papyrus Invention of writing Who invented the alphabet? All our West [...]

12 06, 2017

Seals and sealings – Economic history

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Early sealing from West Asia About 3000 BC, as people started to live in cities and the world got more crowded, they also started to want a way to mark their property so other people would know who it belonged to. People also wanted a way to know whether anyone had been messing [...]