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Arion and the dolphins – Greek mythology

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Arion and the dolphins: a lyre player and his slave (Greece, about 680 BC, now in the Getty Museum) Arion was a great singer Herodotus tells us that in the time of Periander the tyrant of Corinth (which would be about 625 BC), there was a great singer whose name was Arion. Arion sailed from Corinth to Sicily to sing in [...]

Listen to ancient Greek music

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Ancient Greek music: an enslaved woman plays a lyre Some people have been trying to figure out what ancient Greek music might have sounded like.  But most of what we know about Greek music comes from pictures like this one, from black-figure and red-figure vases. The pictures show us what the instruments looked [...]

Were there slaves in Ancient Egypt?

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Egyptian slavery: an Egyptian man beating a slave while another begs for mercy Where did Egyptian slaves come from? Just like in other parts of Africa, some people in Ancient Egypt were slaves. Some of them came originally from Egypt. Many poor families sold children into slavery. Judges also sentenced criminals to slavery. [...]