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Who were the Mapuche? South American history

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Changos whale hunt, El Madano, ca. 1000 AD There were probably people living in Chile (a narrow strip of land in South America between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean) by around 12,000 BC. They came south with their dogs along the coast of South America, either walking or in small boats. Like most other people in South [...]

Why were there mummies in ancient Egypt?

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Egyptian mummies were buried in coffins. This mummy is from the New Kingdom (Vatican Museum, Rome). Natural mummies in Egypt Because Egypt is a very dry place, where it hardly ever rains, the ground there is also very very dry. When you bury people in such dry ground, they often don't rot. There [...]

What are canopic jars? Ancient Egypt

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Canopic Jars from Egypt(Vatican Museum, Rome) When people died in ancient Egypt, if they were rich enough, they paid to have their body made into a mummy. Mummification preserved your body for the afterlife. Cleaning out your guts In order to make you into a mummy, the undertakers had to take out your guts [...]