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Constantine – Roman emperor – Later Roman Empire

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The Roman emperor Constantine - the first Christian emperor Diocletian's Tetrarchy worked pretty well for about 20 years, but then it broke down. In 306 AD one of the Emperors, Constantius, died. He was supposed to be succeeded by his assistant, Severus. But Constantius had a son, whose name was Constantine. When Constantius died, Constantine was not [...]

Basilica of Maxentius – Roman architecture

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Basilica of Maxentius and Constantine in the Roman Forum The Basilica of Maxentius was the last building the emperors built in the Roman Forum before the fall of Rome. The Emperor Maxentius started it in the early 300s AD. He wanted a big meeting-space where officials could hold court cases, or public meetings. Maxentius' architects were very up-to-date. They designed the building [...]