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Colonization and Empire – Europe

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British colonialist in a litter carried by local men Napoleon's empire in Europe ended a lot of the old powers. But when Napoleon lost power in 1815 AD, rich men just built new empires. Even though the Enlightenment and the French Revolution had tried to bring political equality to everyone, the 1800s were a time of tremendous inequality instead. [...]

Partition and Indian Religion

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Partition and Indian religion: Gandhi as a Hindu Hinduism in India After the collapse of the Mughal Empire about 1700 AD, the power of Hinduism increased as the Maratha Empire took over most of India. What is Hinduism? The Maratha Empire All our India articles Christian missionaries But British colonizers gradually took over more and more of India: first the [...]

Gandhi and India’s independence

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Indian National Congress (1885) with Gandhi in it Indian National Congress By the 1880s, India was becoming a very poor country. That was because the British government made all their choices to make Britain richer, and they didn't care what happened to India. Read about British India Lots more India articles But Britain got richer and [...]

India’s economy recovers

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India's economy recovers: Shipping Indian grain overseas during the Great Famine (Madras, 1876) All through the 1800s, the British Empire forced India to sell them raw cotton instead of finished cloth. India got poorer and poorer. The British also forced India to sell food to them at low prices. They took India's food [...]