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Julio-Claudian emperors – ancient Rome

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The Roman emperor Augustus Everybody was tired of all this fighting and killing. And everyone was afraid of Octavian. So when Octavian just kept ruling almost as if he were king, nobody tried to stop him. He made people call him Augustus (which means The Good) instead of Octavian. But he was smarter than [...]

Claudius – Roman emperor – Ancient Rome

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The Roman emperor Claudius (died 54 AD) Claudius was born in 10 BC in the city of Lugdunum in Gaul (modern Lyons, France). His mother was Antonia Minor, Mark Anthony's youngest daughter with Octavia, and his father was Drusus, Tiberius' younger brother. Because his mother was the emperor Augustus' niece, Claudius was related to Augustus. And his uncle Tiberius was [...]