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Who was Eratosthenes? Astronomy and math

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Eratosthenes of Cyrene went to school here! A classroom at the University of Alexandria (al-Ahram 2004). Who was Eratosthenes of Cyrene? Eratosthenes of Cyrene was born about 276 BC in Cyrene (modern Libya). Chief librarian in Alexandria When he was still young he moved to Alexandria, in Egypt. He studied mathematics and astronomy at the University of Alexandria. [...]

War and battle in ancient Egypt

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Victims of civil war in ancient Egypt. They're bound with ropes and have their heads cut off and placed between their legs. (from the Narmer palette, about 3000 BC) Civil wars in ancient Egypt Because it is surrounded by deserts like the Land of Oz, Egypt is pretty hard to invade. So a [...]

Iron Age Architecture in Africa

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Iron Age architecture in Africa: Palace at Meroe, ca. 900 BC (thanks to Royal Ontario Museum) During the Bronze Age, only Egypt was rich enough to build stone buildings. But during the Iron Age, starting about 1000 BC, other parts of Africa started to trade with other parts of the world, and got rich enough to build [...]

Carthage – Berbers and Phoenicians – North African History

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North African history: Punic houses in Carthage (146 BC) Who were the Berbers? The first people to live along the North African coast were Berbers, nomadic shepherds and cattle herders. These people spoke a Hamitic language related to Ancient Egyptian. They were probably a genetic mixture of people from West Asia with people [...]