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Empress Wu – T’ang Dynasty China – History

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Empress Wu of the T'ang Dynasty Who was Wu Chao? Wu Chao was one of T'ai Tsung's girlfriends. After he died, she became his son's girlfriend too! The son's name was Gaozong. Find out more about T'ai Tsung Wu Chao becomes Empress Wu Once she got Gaozong to really love her, Wu Chao [...]

Ming Dynasty – Later history of China

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Brush rest showing five great mountains of Taoism, but with Arabic writing (Ming Dynasty) In 1505 AD, the Ming Dynasty emperor Zhengde succeeded his father as the emperor of China. Zhengde was only thirteen years old when his father died, and older men did most of the ruling. These men continued to build connections [...]

Genghis Khan and the Mongols – Central Asia

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Genghis Khan By 1200 AD, the Mongol and Turkic people of Central Asia had pretty much finished pushing the Indo-Europeans out of power in Central Asia and West Asia, and had taken over ruling the whole area. About 1180 AD the Mongols elected a new king, Genghis Khan (Khan means king), who was [...]

Khitan – History of Central Asia

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Khitan woman, ca. 1000 AD (Musee Guimet, Paris) The Khitan are part of the big group of Turkic and Altaic language speakers from Central Asia who gradually got more and more power during the Middle Ages. By 300 AD, the Khitan were already living in the eastern part of Central Asia, north of [...]

Who were the Jurchen? History of Central Asia

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Jurchen history: A pottery vase from the Jin Dynasty, ca. 1200 AD (Musee Guimet, Paris) Where did the Jurchen come from? Unlike most of the people living in north Asia, the Jurchen did not speak a Turkic or Altaic language. Their language was not related to the other Asian languages. The Jurchen probably [...]

Who were the Manchu? Central Asian History

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The Manchu leader Nurhaci (1600s AD) The Manchu people were descended from the Jurchens. They spoke a language probably closely related to Turkic and Mongolian. When the Turkic and Mongolian people slowly took over most of Asia, eastern Europe, and North Africa from the Indo-Europeans in the course of the 1200s to the 1600s [...]