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The Second Triumvirate – Roman Republic

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Julius Caesar When Julius Caesar got to Egypt, he was happy to find out that Pompey was dead. Julius Caesar spent the winter in Egypt, where he met Egypt's pharaoh, Cleopatra. When he went back to Rome in the spring he took Cleopatra back to Rome with him as his girlfriend. They had a child. But when Caesar declared himself [...]

Rome – the late Republic – Ancient Rome

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Roman Republic By 146 BC, after the Third Punic War, the Romans were the only important power left in the Mediterranean Sea, and they controlled almost all of its coastline. But there was trouble at home. First, two brothers named Tiberius Gracchus and Gaius Gracchus tried to get some of the Italian land given back to the poor [...]

The Roman forum – Roman architecture

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Basilica Julia, Rome - in the Roman forum What was a Roman forum? At the center of most Roman cities was a big open space called the Forum. People met there to do business, to sell things and buy things, to see their friends, to find out about the news, and even to go [...]

Roman Corinth and St. Paul

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The Temple of Octavia in Corinth, dedicated to the sister of the emperor Augustus After the Macedonians conquered Corinth in 338 BC, Corinth was not as powerful as it had been before. But Corinth was still an important port during the Hellenistic period. When the Romans conquered Greece in the 100s BC, they [...]

Cleopatra and the Romans in Egypt

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Coin of the Egyptian pharaoh Cleopatra The Ptolemies, the Greek kings of Egypt, ruled Egypt for 300 years. But by around 50 BC, the Ptolemies were much weaker than the Romans. The Roman leader Julius Caesar started to think maybe the Romans could conquer Egypt. Julius Caesar When Julius Caesar visited Egypt to [...]