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Who was Thucydides? Ancient Greek historian

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Thucydides, carved in the 200s BC, so long after he died. Now in the Louvre, in Paris Thucydides (thoo-SID-id-ees) was an Athenian from a rich family. He was related to the Athenian general Miltiades, who led the Athenians against the Persians at Marathon. Thucydides also became a general in the Athenian army. He [...]

Herodotus and his Histories – Who was Herodotus? – Ancient Greece

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A story from Herodotus: Stone statues of Kleobis and Biton Herodotus: "Father of History" Who was Herodotus? People sometimes call Herodotus the "father of history." Herodotus was the first writer that we know of (probably really the first) who tried to (in his own words) find out what had happened in the past [...]