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Who was Antaeus? Labors of Herakles

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Herakles wrestling Antaeus, on a red figure vase from Athens, 400s BC Herakles and Antaeus For one of his labors, Herakles had to fight a very strong man named Antaeus. More labors of Herakles More Greek mythology All our Ancient Greece articles Why was Antaeus hard to beat? But Antaeus had a special magic. [...]

Thebes – a city in ancient Greece

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Thebes bell in the shape of a person, 700 BC (Louvre Museum, Paris) In Greek mythology, Thebes was where Oedipus lived with his mother-wife Jocasta. It was where Oedipus' daughter Antigone died, and where Dionysos drove Pentheus mad. In Thebes, Niobe boasted about her children, and Medea killed her children. The Athenians (who we get [...]

Archaic Greece – Stone temples

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Temple of Herakles, Agrigento, Sicily In early Archaic Greek temples, the columns and the roof were made of wood. To keep the wood from rotting, Greek builders put a flat stone under each column. And to help the columns support the weight of the roof, they put a block of wood at the top of [...]