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3 09, 2017

Livy – Roman historian – History of Rome

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The Roman historian Livy wrote about Hannibal. One of Hannibal's coins shows a man riding an elephant. When did Livy live? Livy was a Roman historian who was born in northern Italy about 59 BC, in the Late Republic, when Julius Caesar was just beginning his career. More about the Late Republic More Latin literature All our [...]

3 09, 2017

Second Punic War – Carthage and Rome

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Hamilcar (Hannibal's father) (We know about this mainly from Polybius and Livy) The Carthaginians had a lot of trouble paying the money the Romans demanded from them after the First Punic War. So their general Hamilcar decided to take over some of southern Spain. There were rich silver mines in southern Spain that would help Carthage pay the Romans. But at the same [...]