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25 06, 2017

What is granite? Igneous rock

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Granite rock What is granite? Granite forms when bits of quartz and feldspar shoot out of volcanoes, so it's one kind of igneous rock. What is quartz? Where does feldspar come from? More about igneous rock All our geology articles Why is the rock called "granite"? Granite stairs on the Queens borough [...]

25 06, 2017

Feldspar rock – a kind of igneous rock

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A feldspar rock quarry in India Is feldspar rare? Feldspar is a very common igneous rock. More than half of the Earth's crust is made of feldspar. What are igneous rocks? All our geology articles What is feldspar made of? When molecules of aluminum, silica and oxygen get together with potassium, they combine [...]

2 06, 2017

What is silicon? Atoms, elements, chemistry

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Diagram of a silicon atom When a red giant star is getting older and runs out of helium fuel, it starts to convert the oxygen atoms in the star into silicon atoms. All silicon is made this way, inside a red giant star. Silicon is heavier than oxygen, because oxygen has only eight protons [...]

25 05, 2017

What is kaolin clay? History of Art

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A chunk of kaolin clay Kaolin clay and porcelain Kaolin is a kind of clay with a lot of aluminum, silica, and oxygen in it. It is the kind of clay you use to make porcelain. What is clay? Clay, sand, and loam The element aluminum What is porcelain? Feldspar Kaolin clay starts [...]