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Who are the Furies? Greek mythology

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The Furies torment Orestes Red-figure vase from South Italy ca. 380 BC (Naples Archaeological Museum) In Greek mythology, the Furies were terrifying female spirits of the underworld who frightened men when they had done something bad. Greek men called them the Erinyes, "the angry ones". They were like the voice of your conscience, or the anger [...]

Eumenides – Aeschylus – Summary

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Orestes kills Clytemnestra The Eumenides is the third of a cycle of three plays written by the Greek playwright Aeschylus. When Orestes kills his mother, Clytemnestra, the Furies (the Eumenides: you-MEN-ih-dees) attack him because he has done such a terrible thing. You might say he begins to go crazy with the horror of [...]