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What is a nucleus – Parts of a cell – Biology

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An onion skin cell (seen through a microscope) You can see the nucleus inside each cell The earliest cells, and all prokaryote cells, don't have a nucleus. Inside these simple cells, the DNA molecules just float around in the cytoplasm. This is a nice simple arrangement, but it's risky - the DNA often [...]

How do cells get rid of waste? Excretion and cell biology

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Cell waste: A cell with a vacuole Cell waste and vacuoles Soon after eukaryote cells began to make vacuoles to help them catch their food and store it, about 600 million years ago, the cells also began to use the vacuoles to get rid of garbage in the cell - molecules that the [...]

What is cytoplasm? Parts of a cell – Cell Biology

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A very simple cell (seen through a microscope) Inside all cells, from the most simple to the most complicated, there is cytoplasm. Cytoplasm is what all the rest of the stuff inside the cell floats in. Originally, cytoplasm was just the sea water that was inside the lipid membrane bubble when it first [...]