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Livy – Roman historian – History of Rome

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The Roman historian Titus Livy Livy was a Roman historian who was born in northern Italy about 59 BC, in the Late Republic, when Julius Caesar was just beginning his career. Livy moved to Rome and wrote his books during the reign of the first Roman emperor, Augustus. For a while, he may have been the history teacher [...]

Claudius – Roman emperor – Ancient Rome

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The Roman emperor Claudius (died 54 AD) Claudius was born in 10 BC in the city of Lugdunum in Gaul (modern Lyons, France). His mother was Antonia Minor, Mark Anthony's youngest daughter with Octavia, and his father was Drusus, Tiberius' younger brother. Because his mother was the emperor Augustus' niece, Claudius was related to Augustus. And his uncle Tiberius was [...]

Caligula – Emperor of Rome – Ancient Rome

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The Roman emperor Caligula Caligula's real name was Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (after his ancestors Julius Caesar and Augustus). But everyone called him Caligula because when he was a little boy he lived in military camps where his father was the general. In the camps, he wore little soldier boots. So the [...]

Agrippina the Younger – history of Rome

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Agrippina the Younger. 49-50 AD. Now in Milan, in the Civic Archaeological MuseumA Childhood and family of Agrippina Agrippina the Younger was Caligula's oldest sister, so like him she was the daughter of Germanicus and Agrippina the Elder, and she was a great-granddaughter of Augustus. Agrippina was born at Colonia Agrippinae (modern Cologne) in [...]

St. Paul – Early Christianity – Religion

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Oldest known portrait of Paul (catacomb of Thecla, Rome, 300s AD) Paul starts out as Saul Saul was a Jewish man who converted to Christianity near the very beginning of the new religion. After he converted, he took the Christian name Paul. Judaism in the time of Jesus More about Christianity Roman Empire articles Paul preaches [...]