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Medieval architecture – Gothic and Romanesque – Europe

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Cloister at Moissac (ca. 1100 AD, southern France) The first part of the Middle Ages saw very little building of anything but houses in northern Europe, as people struggled to adjust to the fall of Rome. People built some small churches here and there in the Visigothic, Vandal, and Merovingian kingdoms, but not much else. Nearer to the Mediterranean Sea, however, people [...]

American architecture – houses

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Iroquois longhouse Because North America is a big place, different parts of North America have different weather. In the Pacific Northwest, there were long rainy winters, and dry sunny summers, but it never got very cold. There were big forests with lots of tall trees. So people mainly lived in wooden houses with sloped roofs so [...]

Medieval houses – Europe

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Colleta di Castelbianco, Italy Houses in the Middle Ages were different from Roman houses in several ways. One important change was that more people lived in small villages for safety, instead of in farmhouses on their own land. Another change was that more people used fireplaces and chimneys to heat their houses and to cook [...]

History of Fire

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San men around a campfire Probably people were all still in Africa when they first began to use fire for cooking, about 800,000 or a million years ago. People had always known about fire, because fires happened naturally when there were lightning strikes or sparks from two rocks hitting together. Probably the first [...]