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Who built Great Zimbabwe? Central African history

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Central Africa in the Middle Ages: Great Zimbabwe Iron comes to Central Africa Besides South Africa, central Africa is the most isolated part of Africa - for many years, the people who lived here saw almost nobody from outside their own area. So it took longer for people in Central Africa to find out [...]

Old World Cotton History – India, Africa, Asia, Europe

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India cotton bolls hanging from the plants India cotton farming About 2500 BC, a thousand years after people started to grow cotton in Peru, the Harappan people in India also started to grow cotton. We know because people wrote about cotton in the Rig Veda, and that was written about 600 BC in [...]

History of Botswana – African History

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History of Botswana: Where is Botswana? Tswana people in the 1500s In 1500 AD, the Tswana people lived in what is now Botswana. That's in the middle of the southern part of Africa. The Tswana were mostly millet farmers and cattle herders. They were descended from Bantu people who had married local San people. They spoke a Bantu [...]

History of Chad – African History

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History of Chad: Lake Chad Bornu Empire in Chad The Bornu empire - ruled by Muslims - controlled most of Chad at the end of the Middle Ages, with their capital at Ngazargamu in eastern Nigeria. The Bornu controlled a large area sometimes as far north as southern Libya and sometimes considerably west [...]

History of Ghana – African History

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Ghana history: A village in Ghana Ashanti Empire At the end of the Middle Ages, most of Ghana was divided into small villages, whose people called themselves the Ashanti. Most Ashanti people grew yams as their staple food, clearing the forest for their fields. Ashanti people got a lot richer when the supply [...]

History of the Congo

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Mbanza Kongo, capital of the Kingdom of Kongo By 1500 AD, the Kingdom of Kongo had been around for more than a hundred years and it was doing great. People in the Kingdom of Kongo were selling ivory, iron and copper pots, pottery, and raffia cloth north to West Africa, and east to [...]