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What games did people play in ancient India?

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A die found in excavations at a Harappan period site. Note that the six is not opposite the one. People brought the idea of throwing the knucklebones of sheep or pigs to tell the future, or to play a game of skill like jacks, when they first came from Africa to India about 40,000 BC. But people in India may have been [...]

Who invented board games?

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King Tutankhamon's Senet Board (ca. 1300 BC) People were playing board games earlier than we have any records. Probably the first board games were scratched into dirt. People played with stones or fruit pits for pieces. The earliest board game that we know about for sure, from Pre-dynastic Egypt, about 3000 BC. It's a game [...]

A day in ancient India – India project

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Indian Snakes and Ladders game (1700s AD) If you're a teacher, parent, or day camp counselor thinking of spending a week or so on ancient India, here's some ideas other people have found useful: For clothes, a long t-shirt over loose pants like sweatpants is good for boys, or wrapping a long piece [...]

Central Asian board games

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Kids playing knucklebones (Burma) Central Asian people played a lot of active games, but they also played games sitting down. Because Central Asian people spent a lot of time herding cattle and sheep, their most popular games involved small animal bones, mainly vertebrae, and the games were like the American game of jacks, or knucklebones. [...]