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10 08, 2017

Chinook clothing – What did Chinook people wear?

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Chinook head-shaping board (1860) What did Chinook people make clothes out of? Around 1500 AD, Chinook people, both men and women, wore leather leggings and long leather shirts. Women's shirts were longer than men's, and their sleeves were wider. In warm weather, people often wore less clothing, and in winter they often wrapped furs around them to [...]

8 08, 2017

Native American clothing history – cotton and agave

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Native American clothing: Pueblo cotton cloth (before 1500 AD) Native American cotton and agave Most people in North America made their clothing from agave plant fiber - some of it grew wild, and some of it they farmed. Richer people wore cotton clothing. Cotton came originally from the Aztec people south of them. The history of cotton [...]

22 05, 2017

African Clothing and Colonization

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African clothing and colonization: this is Indian cotton cloth - ca. 1500 AD Africans imported cloth from India By 1500 AD, most people in Africa were making at least some of their cloth out of cotton they grew and wove themselves, though they also continued to make bark cloth. But the most prestigious [...]

18 05, 2017

African Clothing – Early History

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Early African clothing: Masai leather cape with glass trade beads from India, from north-eastern Africa (ca. 1000 AD) What did early African people wear ? Africa's a big place, so people had very different styles of clothing in different parts of Africa. And this page covers a lot of time, from the Stone [...]