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Ara Pacis – Altar of Peace – Roman art

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The Ara Pacis - the Altar of Peace. Originally it was outside, but today a roof protects it. When the Roman emperor Augustus took over Rome after the civil wars at the end of the Roman Republic, about 30 BC, he built a Altar of Peace (Ara Pacis in Latin), to show that the fighting was over. Augustus [...]

Chinese family: Ancestors and parents

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A model of a house (China, ca. 100 AD) Most people in ancient and medieval China thought families were very important. Kids often lived not just with their parents, but also with their grandparents, their aunts and uncles, and their cousins. Richer people also lived with slaves or servants. People took good care [...]

Shang houses and altars – Shang Dynasty China

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The Shang Dynasty city wall around Zhengzhou (thanks to Gary Todd) There was a city wall of rammed earth around the Shang capital at An-yang, and around other cities like Zhengzhou, a little south of An-yang. These were built by piling up dirt and pounding it (probably with stones or wooden mallets) until [...]